Individual, personalised architectural designs that
fulfill your needs, wants, budgets and dreams.

Individual, personalised architectural designs that
fulfill your needs, wants, budgets and dreams.



Enhance your Bay of Plenty lifestyle with beautifully designed house renovations by Penn Design

You purchased a great property in a picturesque location, love your garden and many of the design elements already in place but desperately want to alter your kitchen space, your bathroom fixtures or add a deck to make the most of the ocean or lake view. Does this sound like you?

This is just one of many possible scenarios that might compel you to dive into home renovation. Penn Design are trusted architectural designers in Taupo with plenty of renovation ideas and astute listening skills. Know that your hopes, wishes and dreams will be heard and then interpreted into spaces that directly impact your quality of life.

Penn Design work with homeowners in a wider Bay of Plenty region. If you haven’t already, begin collecting your ideas in a folder so they are available during your consultation. Make an enquiry today!

Five advantages of home renovation versus moving

Do you need more space? Would you love to let more gorgeous light into your living room? Penn Design are accomplished architectural designers with a large portfolio of home renovations throughout the Bay of Plenty region.

Over this time, we have found there are five distinct advantages to renovating an existing home rather than moving to a new home.

  1. Increase your comfort – If your home no longer meets your needs, a home renovation could make it much more usable and provide added comfort. Exactly the way you imagined it. 
  2. Increase the value of your home – Home improvement will no doubt help increase its value (as long as you stay true to your original budget!). 
  3. Reduce scheduled maintenance costs – As your home ages your repair and maintenance costs tend to increase but with a major renovation you will save yourself time and money. This may not always be the case if you shift. 
  4. Reduce your homeware costs – If your home renovation includes new windows, doors, appliances and light fixtures, you can increase the level of energy efficiency. And you’ll have a good grasp of areas that need the most help.  
  5. Reflect your personal vision – A major renovation can open up opportunities for new technological gadgetry, fresh ‘on-trend’ colour combinations and more. Our bungalow ancestors were not built for open spaces and clean lines but today these elements are crucial.

Home renovation is exciting. And with Penn Design by your side you’ll experience changes that truly reflect your personal style.

Penn Design’s 6-step process for a successful home renovation

To ensure your home renovation is a rewarding one, Penn Design have created this 6-step process for your understanding. It covers the initial tasks involved before any renovations begin. That way all parties are on the same page working toward one overall vision.

  1. Initial site inspection to discuss your requirements for your project.
  2. Comprehensive interview to understand the specific details of the site conditions
  3. Produce a sketch design based on your needs and the site restrictions.
  4. Discussion with consultants or engineers if required.
  5. Final drawings ready for council submission or tender purposes.
  6. Call on network of qualified builders. Suggesting the right builder for the best results for new homes or alterations.

Are you renovating key areas to increase energy efficiency in your home?

Penn Design will guide you through the renovation process, helping you to make important decisions that will improve the energy performance of your existing home.

Passive design elements might include:

  • sun position
  • site conditions
  • insulation
  • heating sources
  • natural lighting
  • indoor and outdoor flow

Considerations such as these are also vital if you plan to build your own home in the future. Penn Design make sure we fully communicate your wishes for a high performing, low impact home in your house plans. Why not begin collating a list now so you remember details for the future!

Often even the most basic adjustments can lead to refreshing changes in your existing home. Let Penn Design show you how at the concept phase of your home renovation so everything is included in your architect drawings. Contact us to discuss your needs today.